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The Book of Ruth is a compilation of tracks from various projects by Ruth Rogers-Wright. With so many killer tracks this is the story.

Through her long association with pianist Mark Fitzgibbon and her show ‘Fabulous Diva’ her homage to Nina Simone, she is known as a jazz singer yet the Book of Ruth is not a jazz album

With its blend of curious pop, electronic beats spiced with classic soul and dub spiraling like steps marching to different universe there is however a strong sense of jazz in her voice.

The title of the cd is inspired by the Old Testament book called Ruth and Rogers-Wright’s the tatty moleskin.

The story of Ruth in the bible is of a woman remaining loyal to her mother –in law despite tribal hardships.

Rogers-Wright stays loyal to her art. Whilst alluding to her namesake Ruth in the bible, the book of Ruth is more likely that moleskin book containing the lyrics, poetry and jottings of Ruth Rogers-Wright.

Like treasures under years of dust many of these songs have lain untended but not forgotten. Staying true to projects that started life in Italy, Uk and Melbourne, MySpace and many late night enthusiasms, and with the odd blips in life’s road like nervous breakdowns, single parenting and shattered confidence it has been a tangled journey to see this cd to completion. Music is not easy despite its glittery image and the tarnished obstacles of reality television shows.

Recorded with a feast of talent from corners of the globe the flavor of this disc is as rich in its beauty as it is in its diversity.

With the music of 3head a London band lead by the Tinderstick’s Al Macaulay and produced by Nu Sounds Adrian Sherwood, youthful Pois and Berkana from Naples and Rome, Italy, Melbourne’s Mark Fitzgibbon, the Calculators, and The Still Company with poet Ian MacBryde -this cd though varied is held together by the melodies and lyrics of RUTH ROGERS-WRIGHT. Indeed the captain of this ship is the voice of Rogers-Wright.

The voice has an eerie blue jazz quality with shades of Simone, a sketch of Sade smudged with the charcoaled out lines of London culture. The Book of Ruth was recorded in UK, Italy and Melbourne.

There is a straightforwardness yet odd wit permeating her words..” what are you a color paint to me? You’re lovely lovely” from the track Haunted, and “ flowers that can never bloom still wear a heady perfume “, and goes on “ its ok lady Day with your gardenia fresh as may…” from the track ‘Billy Holiday’.

The Book of is well worth the wait

about the tracks:

  • ANOTHER STORY an electro pop song produced by Calculators

    from Melbourne. Great pop vivbe moored on choppy sea of beats never has squelches seemed so tuneul.

  • BILLY HOLIDAY jazzy pop tells the story of this legendary woman with Mark Fitzgibbon on the piano and Toby Mack from China on trumpet.

  • IN THE FOREST jazzy pop vibe reminding of a Sade vibe with Melbourne’s finest musos ( Chris Becket –bass , Nico Schauble – drums, Mark Fitzgibbon-piano) originally for ABC radio . Laidback coffee groove.

  • SOON beautiful electro pop song produced and performed by Calculators an ode to astrological compatability

  • COME SUNDAY another pop tune from Calculators about being in love with big dreams and no money

  • DOING MY THING Mozart does Rocky Horror show this is a taste of Mojther a co project with Naples Pois and fellow Italian soundscapist Voltini.

  • YOU brooding vocal with Bach in the bassline. Amazing Calculator production.

  • BOMBS gut punched dub about a less secure Britain produced by Tinderstick drummer Al Macaulay performed my ex band 3head.

  • HAUNTED trippy pop old skool Massive Attack with a fantastic melody by Rogers-Wright with lyrical unfolding of sub Freudiwan elements. Produced by the legendary Adrian Sherwood of NU Sounds.

  • REPRISE weird ballad of sweeping violins from Calina De La Mare strikes at the heart of this 3head production with NU sounds Adrian Sherwood at the mixing desk. Beautiful simple vocal from Rogers-Wright.

  • KILLING SEROTONIN a work from the Still Company featuring the poetry and earthy honey of Ian MacBryde with Riddell at the desks and Ruth Roger-wright as the muse. One of my personal favorites reminding me of the last traces of dawn and the feeling of hope that brings for a new day.

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